The concepts of weather and climate both intertwined as well as distinct from each other. Going by their definitions the fact that both are inter related becomes very evident; however expert meteorologists like Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman are well versed with the intrinsic differences that the two have.

Meteorologists are the people who are responsible for studying the changing ways of weather and the resultant changing climate. Weather is all about understanding the atmospheric conditions of a place, such as its warmth, coolness, precipitation conditions, wind conditions and so on and so forth. The information that we get on news channels such as the Weather Channel, where Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman is known as the “Weather Guy”; about the how hot or cold, or rainy or windy it is, comprises of the weather of that place.

The weather of a place is capable of changing from day to day, but when it comes to Climate of a place, it refers to the average of the atmospheric condition of that place monitored over a period of several years. This time period is usually of 30 years or more. For instance, if the weather of a place has been warm and dry constantly, then the general climate of that place is considered to be the same.

According to scientists, the climate of the Earth has five major components – atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere and land surface. The identification of changes in a weather are prominent than those in a climate – the changes are rare in climate and even if they do occur they do so very subtly and can hardly be understood.

Weather includes the understanding of things such as rain, sunshine, cloud cover, hail, snow, wind, sleet, flood, blizzards, ice storms, thunder storms, steady rains resulting from a warm front or a cold front, heat waves, etc. Climate on the other hand, includes temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind velocity, frosts, and hails storms but over a period of time.

The forecast of weather can be easily done on a daily basis depending on the atmospheric pressure, temperature and other factors; contrarily, the forecast of climate is done only over a long period of time, as long as 30 years or more. This time of 30 years has been defined by the WMO or World Meteorological Organization. The latitude, terrain, and altitude too affect the climate of a place considerably.

The study of weather is known as meteorology while the climate is studied in what is known as climatology. The difference between the concepts summed up by NASA says that it is the difference of the measure of time. The short term changes belong to the weather while the long term alterations are products of climate.

The easiest way to understand and remember the difference between the concepts is what you expect is climate and what you get is weather. It is important that people are well prepared for any weather that comes their way and it is thus that the weather forecasts are made of every place, and this reaches the people through various aids of technology and media.