Top 10 Best Microwave Popcorn Makers In 2017 Reviews

Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. Designed with 100% safe platinum silicone, the product allows users to test the popcorn by pinching it. In addition to being a healthy choice, it is BPA and PVC free, and the durability of best commercial popcorn machine the product is something that makes it microwave friendly and easy to wash.

We had high hopes for the Great Northern Popcorn Kettle Popper In addition to being the most expensive popcorn maker we tested, the Great Northern Popcorn Popper is designed like the classic kettle-style popcorn makers you’ve seen in movie theaters since you were a kid.

Though it looks like the kind of piece you may spy at a matinee, one reviewer claims, Movie theater popcorn can’t even compare to what this machine can do.” At around 14 by 13 inches, this machine is a great size for countertops in residential homes.

To make the popcorn using the Air Popcorn Maker, simply measure out the popcorn kernels using the mentioned measuring cup, pour the kernels into the base of the maker, make sure the plastic top and measuring cup are securely in place and turn on the unit.

By buying the best popcorn popper, you can have your own popcorn whenever you want, with that buttery taste which you would get at the movie theater, we’ve reviewed the best selling popcorn poppers on the market and compared it on price and quality to make sure you can find the best popcorn popper.