Making sure that the money invested in buying a printer is worth it is what everyone needs to do. To accomplish this, a common knowledge of printers is not sufficient. Only by knowing the components of a printer can one differentiate between two or more and understand what would be most suitable to fulfill an individual’s need. Knowing the kind of parts that helps run your printer makes it easy for you to maintain and avoids the degeneration of the condition of the printer as the  user would be aware as to when the parts need replacement or other forms of care.  Any of the best cheap 3d printer 2018 will have these components according to which a person can decide his purchase product.

  • Build area- The first feature of any printer is its build area. The build area is the dimensions of the output of the printer. Any printer has XYZ dimensions and it is better to look at them before purchasing. The three dimensional object output will be the same as the dimensions. A person who requires a very large print can split the printing job in parts in case he wants to purchase a smaller printer.
  • Filament diameter- The filament has a certain diameter with which it prints. It does not make much of a difference except that one might simply prefer one over the other. There are various diameters like 3.0 mm, 1.75mm and others. The more professional printers prefer 3.0 mm filaments. Although there is a chance to use both filaments at once, it is advisable to use one.
  • The hot end’s temperature size and cooling capacity- The hot end is the place where the material used in making the object is melted. It is important to take a note of what is the maximum temperature of the hot end is as well as how fast the material could be cooled. The heating and cooling capacity helps in deciding the material to be used in the printer. The most modern hot ends can use more than one or two materials at once.
  • Nozzle- The nozzle is the part where the melted material pours from. The nozzle can be of a single size or of many sizes. It is better to purchase difference nozzle sizes and use them according to the design or the prototype that is being  The finishing of the product depends largely on the nozzle used. While some make it smoother, others make it faster and more accurate. It is thus best to use according to the prototype.
  • The extruder and the cooling fan- The extruder is the part that joins the filament and the hot end, the type to choose depends on the likes of the purchasing. The cooling fan on the other hand plays a very important role. There might be more than one fan to a printer which helps in faster cooling. Depending on how fast one would want the object to cool, the printer might be decided

There are many other components such as LCD display, print bed surface and the heating bed. All these components when understood make it easy for the maintenance and choose the right parts that accelerate the work of the printer.