Nowadays you have a wide range of kitchen hobs available that not only smelling in overcoming the smell or the fumes but also offer a superb cooking experience. Having a hob in your kitchen is highly essential as it eliminates the bad odour and leaves the kitchen and the other rooms fresh. Earlier the hobs were highly traditional with limited features but today you have so many options to match your taste as well as the preferences. Features like cool air etc have been added to ensure a better cooking experience.

So if you are looking for some excellent choices to augment your kitchens you have come to the right place. Some of the best kitchen hobs in indiathat you can prefer for your home are:-

Faber HeatKraft –It is one of the oldest brands of all designing unique and appealing chimneys for the kitchens. Their designs cater to the needs of the buyers and make sure you are fully satisfied with your choice. Their stainless steel range is quite appealing with glass finish. You can get them in a number of colours as well to blend in your kitchens. The Topaz series, Tender series and the Axia Plus are one of the popular ones that you can try.

Glen – The next is Glen whose chimneys too are really well designed. There are two different options available with them, one is the hood one while the other is the straight one. It is up to you as which option is suited to your needs and the budget. The best thing about their brand is the features which you find in their models. Latest technology is used so that it serves to be a fully functional one.

Prestige – Even chimneys from Prestige are quite fabulous with great suction capacity, aluminium finish, coated body and lots more. There are lots of series under this brand so you can easily opt for the one that appeals you the most. Prestige is a good brand and worth relying too. So you need not worry about the quality or the price. All the products come with 2 year warranty.

Bajaj – It is one of the leading brands of India with its chimney being really affordable and well-designed. The best part about their hobs is their design which is quite fascinating and you will love the way it removes the fumes and smell of the food while cooking. If you are looking for a superb option then Bajaj should be your choice. You can have a look at the options open before you and make your choice.

So you are free to choose from any of the above brands as all are reputed and have some of the best models to match your choice, need and the budget.