Students mostly find the dilemma of not enjoying classroom lessons as their teachers make it boring for them. They lose interest in subjects and they fail to get the interest they need for performing well in the examination. This often is bad for them as they studying the subject only for passing the examination. They do not understand the fundamentals of the subject clearly and this results in poor results. At the same time, since their understanding of the subject is very poor, this can effectively affect their career as well.

The origins of The Great Courses

Thomas Rollins is the founder of The Great Courses and he was a student of Harvard Law University. When he was studying in University, he was not prepared for an examination that was on The US Federal Rules of Evidence. This was an important examination for him and he had to pass the test. He said that he never liked the subject, as it was very boring for him. However, his success in the future depended upon this examination. It was before the examination that he got 10 videotapes on the subject by a noted professor. He decided to watch these tapes on his television before the test. The moment he put the first tape into the VCR that changed his life- it was here that the concept of Tom Rollins Teaching modules was born.

He recalls that when he watched these tapes, they were unlike the lectures that he attended at Harvard. The tapes were insightful and they were engaging. The subject became interesting and engaging in just one single sitting. These tapes made learning an interesting affair and not a chore that was boring. It was a unique experience and he says that once he started to watch the tapes, he played all 10 of them non-stop. He went on to score an “A” in the course.

He realized that recorded lessons by a good teacher really had the ability to change the life of a student and ignite the passions for a lifelong learning experience. He later on went to develop the concept of The Great Courses where his Company chose the best teachers and recorded sessions for students. The concept became very successful and students started to benefit from the comprehensive video tapes that were developed for learning from the privacy and the comforts of home.

The Tom Rollins Teaching modules have helped students from across the USA score high in their examinations. These modules are available in different formats for the student to download. They are available in video, audio and digital formats. They have been created to make learning from home an enjoyable and interactive experience. The student has the option to download them from the digital library and refer them whenever needed. The Great Courses also conducts sales on their courseware at least once a year where the student is able to get about 70% off on the courseware. Students can save money and also get learning materials from professors well-versed and experts in the subject with success!