Short beards are both smart and distinct if you understand exactly how to grow and then style your them. Even during the early stages of growing a beard , you should be considering the shape of your stubble and the areas that naturally get covered quickest as this could help you to decided which of the longer best beard styles  you want to choose, if any at all.

Close to the chin, yet springing about is the look of the men who go out of their way to mark their signatures in every thing that they do. This not very well kept or groomed look is the choice of men who’d want to let the world know they don’t follow rules, they make them.

It’s only a pisser as long as you miss it. Growing a beard will not help you deal with this – you don’t look better (that’s simply the opinion of this author) Patrick looks a million times better without a beard, unless he’s playing a starfleet admiral.

While his extravagant take on them made history, the truth is, Alexander the Great wore sideburns first back in 100 BC. A quick glance at the Pompeii mosaic and you’ll see a facial hairstyle that’s similar to what you’d expect today: Patches of facial hair that run along the sides of the face and extend downward from the hairline to beyond the ears.

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