If you are a movie freak and love to watch movies and videos on your smart phone using Kodi then there is an amazing way by which you can get install kodi on roku 3. Once can easily get it on their Android smart phone or Windows PC. You can easily get the Kodi on Roku 3 on your smart phone and laptop. Then using that you can enjoy watching movies, videos podcast on your TV screen.

You can make use of the internet to get connected to the Roku 3 it can be either Wifi or wired network connection. The Roku 3 version will also support and provide high-quality streaming to all its users. Kodi provides its complete support to almost all the operating system likeĀ  Windows, Android, iOS, Linus etc but Roku 3 has zero compatibility with these operating systems.

Kodi provides vibrant features to add to its popularity among many users. The best part is you can get the Kodi to provide stream content from Youtube or even Netflix or any other website of your choice around the globe.

Install Kodi on Roku 3 using Windows Computer system

Below are the steps, that you can follow to install Kodi on Roku 3 using Windows

The best part is, you can make use of Windows computer system to get the Kodi for Roku 3 box. The steps can be done quickly and easily. It will take very less time,

Step 1: Navigate to the start menu on your Windows computer system.

Step 2: Look and search for the device settings option.

Step 3: Once done, click on add device button to add the new device.

Step 4: Choose RokuĀ  3 box streaming device from the available list.

Once you have finished with the steps then you will be able to see the purple screen on your Roku 3 box or you will see a stick. That represents that you have added Kodi on Roku 3. That’s it, you can easily add the Kodi on Roku 3 and mirror cast the contents directly from the Kodi to your desired Roku device.

Install Kodi on Roku 3 using Android Smart Phone

Below are the quick steps y which you can get Kodi on Roku 3, it also supports Android smart phone apart from a windows computer. Check out this great Guide :- https://apkhumble.com/

Step 1: Tap on the home button of the required device.

Step 2: Now navigate towards the system update, you will find it under setting menu. You can check the software version, it is must to have minimum 5.2 software.

Step 3: Once done, update the Roku to the recent software version.

Step 4: Once it is updated, move to the home screen again and then to the settings menu option. Now choose the screen monitoring.

Step 5: In order to get the Roku code installed, you must enable the screen mirroring.

Step 5 After that tap on the OK option. That’s it, you can Kodi installed on Roku.

With the help of Kodi on Roku 3 , you can stream all your favoirte movies, TV shows, music, podcast from different webistes as well as from local drive.