In order to turn a personal injury case in your favor, you need to work with a highly professional and competent personal injury lawyer.  Not every lawyer is in a position to handle your personal injury case because your unique circumstances can complicate the whole situation.  However, you can check for a few important characteristics when hiring a personal injury lawyer.  Here is what you should check:

  • They should be licensed to practice law in your local area. It is equally important to ensure that they have been practicing law for several years.  Interestingly, some lawyers are in business for decades, but they may not be suitable for your case because they may have lost passion in the work.  Therefore, be sure to talk to them in person to know more about them.
  • They should never have their license revoked or suspended. If they accept that they have had their licensed suspended for whatever reason, you may want to look for a different personal injury lawyer.  If they say they have never had their licensed suspended, it is also a good idea to use online resources to check if the lawyer you have selected is speaking the truth.
  • They should be experienced in personal injury law. When it comes to checking the experience, you should not put your money on someone who has been practicing patent law for 15 years but knows a little about personal injury.  Check for how long they have been practicing as a personal injury lawyer.  It is equally important to know if they have been working with insurance companies or they have be representing the injured victim.
  • They should have handled several court and jury trials in the past. A lawyer with real court experience is someone who can help you win your case.  Understand that it is also important to check exactly how many cases they have won in the past.  A lawyer or attorney who is not willing to go to court to handle your case will not be able to get you maximum compensation for your injury.
  • They should be rated highly by their peers. The best personal injury lawyer is the one who is respected by their peers as well.  For such lawyers, it is always easy to find testimonials.  Many online services also rate lawyers.  You can also check them to see what others say about your selected lawyer.  Some good lawyers will also be able to provide you with references that you can contact and inquire more about the lawyer you are going to hire.
  • They should be a member of trial lawyer associations. Lawyers who are active members of some associations are usually better because it shows that they still have the passion and interest.

The fact of the matter is that you can easily find a personal injury lawyer by using the internet, but it is important to meet a lawyer in person and check them for some important characteristics before finalizing your decision.