The term ‘industrial design’ majorly applies to product designing. In the competitive age, the worth of industrial design is ever increasing. Excluding the economic depression, the global industry has never undergone so intensely competitive days. With the presence of millions of manufacturing groups with their rivals scattered across the world, the concept of designing finished-products has been redefined. And one of these concepts is product design development.

It has been an established fact that product design or its aesthetic look takes a significant place in customer’s mind. If two car companies are manufacturing automobiles keeping the quality of mechanisms constant but present them with different designs, the superior designed product will have the ability to get higher price and demand than the rival counterpart. Based in California, Scott Jay Abraham is a distinguished specialist in Industrial design. His main focus area is interior designing, and supported by his depth in industrial design area he offers solutions to clients like home segment people and offices all about how industrial design can be incorporated in modern interior designing to make it distinctive, appealing and humble.

When it comes to the world of interior decor, based on the concept of industrial design, the approach is somewhat diverse. However, this new approach is gaining fast demand both in domestic and corporate sectors. Now you can often come across the innovative design ideas in private residences and offices which have been used widespread in restaurants, cafes, auto shops and corporate offices of shipping companies and so on.

Therefore, if you’re one, being tired of those traditional as well as trendiest home interior, why not think of bringing a disparate appeal in your drawing room, living place, balcony or wine cellar integrated with industrial style based designs. Well, for your idea, industrial designing in interior turns out a rustic look with unfinished and raw subjects. This offers an overall impression of commercial look in a living room whereas many characters or designs are used as replica. Some of these ideas are explained underneath.

Cables/ wires and pipes are exposed

One major feature which is extensively used in this design style. With the exposure of different objects that usually remain closed or kept concealed like pipes, cables, ducts or beams experts can present you different world of industrial interior designing style. Basically, they bring contrast of modern art and industrial design together offering a never before feel into your room.

Flooring and Walling

In industrial style designing, typically professional make use of exposed concrete or bricks while at the time of flooring they prefer using concrete polished or wooden floor. Use of simple but quality marbles are also used as an attraction of the room.


In general, both warm and neutral colors are most chosen painting concepts in industrial uses. Keeping the conceptual base in design plan, room walls, furniture and fixtures are also tinted.  Extensively employed color designs are brown, while, gray and others.

As per version of Scott Abraham that wooden tables with metal or skeleton legs, metal finished staircases or open structural ceiling are also some great additions when it comes to industrial design interior.