Site builderwas created for those who do not have time to understand html, css and web programming. The script makes it possible without any knowledge to create your own site for any user. Using the bootstrap site builder, the client of your catalog will be able to create their own design for the site on their own and without templates, which will make the site look unique, while saving money and time.

The flexibility of the site designer will allow you to use any domain name for your site, up to a second-level domain name.

The site builder is so convenient and easy to use that you can visually edit the appearance of both the pages and templates of your site or the site of the firm of your catalog.

Unlike most such projects, although they have quite a lot of functionality, but are often very poorly perceived by many users who first encountered the idea of ​​site building, this site builder is extremely easy to use and has all the features and capabilities of most site designers. Its main advantage is that you can create the appearance of the site, initially seeing the final result, even before clicking on the button. The built-in color editor will allow you to instantly select a color for both the site’s background, site caps, and for the site menu. The ability to choose and, most importantly, downloads, pictures as the background of the header and the background of the site itself in four main formats: jpg, bmp, png and gif, makes it possible to create the appearance of a site of any type. And using the format of gif, will make the site an animated type, in no way inferior to flash technology. The on-line editor used in the site designer will allow you to easily and freely edit your site and its design. The convenience of this site designer also lies in the fact that you do not have to go through the process of site building in several stages or steps. You can choose and identify the part of the site that you need to edit and instantly see the result, even before making any changes.

Using the extension for the designer, you will be able to provide users with a ready-made design corresponding to the subjects of their business and the site. You can also create an exclusive theme for each connecting individual css styles and scripts.

Its integration with the script I-Soft Bizness, will combine information on the client’s website with information in the catalog, which will give a double benefit in using both the catalog and the website of the company itself. And at the administrator of the catalog at the slightest necessity there will be an opportunity to create an individual site completely satisfying the client’s needs. Using additional opportunities to create an unlimited number of articles and categories, you will be able to create a site at the CMS level. At the same time, you do not have to install a site management system for each company every time, as well as monitor the safety and performance of each of them. Since the “Site Builder” script does not use the database, the information output process, given the large number of companies and sites created for them, will not overload the database.

By combining the site builder with the catalog of companies, you will get an engine with hosting functionality. We do not stand still and constantly develop, introducing new opportunities and functions for our designer. Buying a site builder now, you will become one of the first who will be able to provide opportunities to create a full-fledged site for your client, and, as is known, it is the first who achieve maximum success. Be the first!!