2017 Tacoma: A Look into the features, performance and drivability!!

Being a sought after model in heavy duty vehicles and trucks, 2017 Tacoma is creating a lot of buzz these days in the automobile market. Its rugged sporty looks and fuel efficient economy make it quite compelling for off road use. Powered with a four 2.7 litres engines and V-6 tow 6800 lb, it is well equipped to let go through the most stubborn digs and truples on the road.

Though talking about the changes, there haven’t been many as compared to its predecessor models, yet small customary changes have been significant. With a more iterative interior and upward hoody, Tacoma has a tailgate that makes it quite different from its previous models. Even the cabin inside, has been revamped with a horizontal layout and better finishes. Coming in two comprehensive bed version named as Long and Short, the machine models cab style interiors with foldable rear view seats providing ample of cargo space.

Comfort, fuel drivability and mileage

Diving deeper into technicalities, Tacoma is robust enough to tow 6,800 pounds and haul 1,620 pounds. Moreover, its tow ratings are equipped with a heavy duty cooler and an alternator of 130 ampere. Off road compatibility remains the biggest attraction with this heavy duty truck that works on the similar lines of Land Rover and Ford. Other manoeuvre controls that come in the vehicle include:

  • Crawl control options
  • Assistance with hill start
  • Break throttles and locking differentials

Coming underneath, the vehicle has been powered with a 2.7 inline accompanied with a four wheeled drive and four cylinders. The V-6 engine is the most important highlight that delivers improved refinement and performance with a 7 out of 10 score rating.

With time since trucks are getting comfier and refined, Toyota Tacoma lags behind in this department. Its front seats are fairly short without any adjustment setting. Back seats also are more or less same even in the top priced model with a lighter tilt shift.